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The ECU Teaching Toolkit

Great courses don’t happen by accident; they are a result of careful planning and deliberate design. The importance of precise design and planning becomes even more essential when we teach hybrid or online courses.
The ECU Teaching Tool Kit contains a series of lessons that walk you through designing and building a course leveraging researched-based best practices to help ensure your success.

This toolkit is adapted from the “Design for Online Learning Toolkit” from Arizona State University


The Teaching Tool Kit Modules

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1. Universal Design for Learning

Employ Strategies to enhance your course materials for online delivery


Running breaking the finish line

2. Learning Objectives

Create learning objectives that are targeted to success, measurable, and clearly define the expectation of mastery.

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3. Assessments

Explore assessment options and establish your strategy


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4. Course Materials

Build your foundational knowledge of Universal Design for Learning

go to communication module5. Communication

Select communication strategies that you will use in your class

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6. Lab Experience

If you teach a lab course, explore ways to handle it when teaching online.


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7. Develop

Apply key learnings from previous topics to build your online course